Career and College Readiness Program at The University of Pennsylvania

Last Monday, I had the opportunity to talk with the students from the Career and College Readiness Program for Entrepreneurship Day at The University of Pennsylvania. The program is an opportunity for upcoming high school juniors/seniors from the surrounding boroughs to prepare for college and/or their future careers in a way that’ll allow them to have a favorable outcome. Growing up in Germantown, a town in Philadelphia, made it easy to relate to the many struggles of not having an equal opportunity at success due to the lack of finances & resources. I believe the way to truly achieve success is with perseverance and patience. My goal was to express that other options to success are not only limited to college, such as STEM, trades, etc. With constant engagement from the students, it was comforting to know that the message made an impact. Thank you, James J. Raleigh & The University of Pennsylvania for allowing me to come in and speak for your students.